Our Aim

Tennis, like any sport, carries a risk of injury. The aim of our Safety and Anti-Bullying Policy is to ensure that Tennisxcel’s lessons are a safe and fun environment, free from bullying or injury, for all students and coaches.

We define unsafe conduct as:

  • Any unwelcome, dangerous, uninvited and/or repeated behaviours that cause or may cause harm to fellow students or coaching staff.
  • Physical, verbal, psychological or social/relational in nature. Examples include (but are not limited to):
    • Name-calling or teasing.
    • Exclusion of others.
    • Temper tantrums and/or uncontrolled outbursts of anger.
    • Hurting of others with equipment (balls, rackets, ball tubes, ball baskets, etc.)
    • Racket throwing or other racket abuse.
    • Smashing of balls at or around other students or coaching staff.
    • Unsafe wielding of the racket, contrary to the instructions of coaching staff.
  • Bullying includes a wide range of conduct that causes another person to feel embarrassed, offended, hurt, humiliated, insulted, ridiculed, angry or afraid.
  • Bullying can have a serious long-term effect on the health and well-being of those being victimized. We take all incidences seriously.

How we respond to bullying

A student displaying repeated aggressive or anti-social behavior that harm or may harm either coaches or students, according to our definition above, will not be tolerated.

Our course of action in cases where we have deemed a student’s behavior  to be bullying is always the dismissal of the offender from our lessons.

That seems harsh. Why don’t you warn the bully (and his/her parents) first?

In our experience, children who bully repeatedly, aggressively and/or experience issues with anger or emotional regulation require more intervention than we are able to provide. The process of pointing out and attempting to correct their behavior is best left to professionals.

In the meantime, our coaching staff have a duty of care towards the other students in the lesson. Tennis involves balls, rackets and other potentially dangerous equipment, therefore we do not want to take chances with the safety of our lessons.

Additionally, attempting to help bullies is taking time away from our well-behaved students, who come to tennis to learn, have fun, stay fit and enjoy their lesson in safety.


Child safety measures in place at Long Beach Tennis Club

Our beloved sport of tennis has unfortunately recently been added to the list of “high risk” activities for children.

These are indeed concerning times, sports clubs once regarded as safe places have been infiltrated by dubious individuals with the intent to arm.

Clubs and coaching businesses must ensure their operations does not provide opportunity for predatory individuals to exist.

The long Beach tennis club committee has taken extraordinary steps to promote the safety and care of all children visiting the venue. With every members of our management board providing not only the regulatory “working with children”, members and coaching staffs must additionally provide an in depth “Police check” to be kept on record by the club.

Tennis coaching at the Long Beach Tennis Club.

Tennis X cel is the coaching provider at the club, under the direction of Dianne Balestrat. a new code of conduct more specifically designed to address tennis coaching situations has been put into place  for all involved in the delivery of her coaching programs.

The code of conduct is in parts modeled after Tennis Australia’s own recommendations. Tennis X cel makes it very clear to all involved, any breach to the agreed code will be acted upon. Coaches must lead by example therefore, inappropriate language or attitude are also addressed in the code. It is a DO and DON’T bible everyone at Tennis X Cel must read and agreed to, prior to gaining a position there.

A quick overview of the code of conduct reveals, physical contact with pupils that is not directly related to skill acquisition, excessive attention payed to a pupil, such action will be recorded and a single warning issued.  The second warning will automatically result in termination. Conduct that portrays common signs of grooming as referred into the 2017 Royal Commission Report on Child Abuse, will constitute grounds for immediate dismissal.

Tennis X cel is doing is upmost to address the issues of child safety by following the advice of the commissionaire. Dangers are not limited to sports clubs and coaching classes, dangers exist everywhere, parents and carer’s need to stay informed and able to recognize suspicious activities and individuals.

(The Royal Commission report closes with the recommendation that institutions that care for children should step up their screening process when hiring, as well as clarifying stringent guidelines for what is and is not appropriate for staff behavior.)