by Dianne on 7th June 2020 

Wednesday and Friday 1st July and 3rd July 2020

Wednesday and Friday 8th July and 10th July 2020.


Lots of fun activities and events planned. Kids really enjoy our camps! 

For refreshment time .We will have an outdoor table setting with 1.5 metre distance seating 
and  bringing of your own snacks, for the morning.Washing of hands will be a must for us.

We will need a minimum of 4 (6-8yrs) participants at beginner standard and  6 participants

at beginner intermediate & advanced level (9-17 yrs) to go ahead on the day.

We are permitted to have 17 children and three coaches. (20 people altogether).

 In  past camps we would  have had a lot more children than 20 participants  . So be early to book.




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